For Aviation

Altitude Risk Partners is a specialist major operator within the London aviation insurance market.

For Space

We have vast experience including the longest serving London Market space underwriter.

For You

We are pro-active and highly experienced in all aspects of policy coverage and claim settlements.

Why Altitude

Established in 2014, we have over 100 years of combined aviation and space underwriting experience.

We are client/broker focused specialist aviation insurers, and exceeding our brokers’ and clients’ expectations for prompt service is of central importance to us, so we ensure that our team is empowered to make decisions.

We are an entrepreneurial company, with our clients’ professional interests at heart. This is reflected in our experienced underwriting team who have developed key relationships in the insurance market. We are leaders in our field and, as specialists, operating exclusively in the aviation and space sectors, we understand the importance of responsive insurance to protect our clients from the evolving and increasingly complex risks they face.

We only do aviation and space insurance so we have to do it right – and that’s why our focus is on the client and the broker, and their need for specialists who are as passionate about their industry as they are. Our specialist focus means that we know the clients and brokers very well, as well as the technology that we’re insuring. Combining these key elements with a service-driven philosophy, enables us to be very responsive and able to make quick and informed decisions that leave clients and brokers certain of our position.

Our Infrastructure

Altitude Risk Partners is a division of Nexus Underwriting Ltd.  For more information please visit the Nexus Group website.

Lines & Capacity

Altitude Risk Partners is a major operator within the aviation insurance market. We have expertise in all aspects of pricing risks, policy coverage and claim settlements.

Aviation details

Altitude Risk Partners is a major operator within the space insurance market with vast experience including the longest serving London Market space underwriter. We are pro-active and highly experienced in all aspects of policy coverage and claim settlements.

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About Us

Our handpicked team represent the very best in their field, and they are ‘always open’ and directly available to make quick and informed decisions.

Our Values


The key point is that we’re specialists. Aviation and space is all we do, it’s not part of something else we do. That focus is our greatest strength because that’s where we add value to our clients, our brokers and our capital providers. Being focused on what is important and avoid being distracted by what is not also means that, for us, there are no other lines of business to fall back on.


We are also passionate about the aviation industry. Aviation and space insurance has always been our focus and we still get excited about the great products and services our clients continue to develop.


The team have been in the aviation and space business a long time and that leads to informed decision-making. We have confidence in our ability to select and price risk quickly. In terms of general aviation, being knowledgeable about various aircraft types and variants is critical – if you don’t know what the aircraft is, how can you rate it? Our space clients know a lot more about the highly technical and specialised equipment that they’re buying, building, launching and operating than we do. So we choose the clients and back them.


We do the basics really well, especially when it comes to great service for our brokers, clients and capital providers. Our speed of service and quality in the decision-making are essential. We’re informed, organised and, due to the depth of our relationships in the industry, we know in advance of the negotiation what the issues are, how the account benchmarks so that decisions can be made with confidence.


We fully understand that brokers are trying to get the best deal for their clients. We know from experience the huge pressures brokers face to achieve the best results for their clients and we always seek to respond positively to a proposal and, if we can’t, how important it is that the broker knows why. If we can offer an alternative proposal that works for all, we will always do so. We are not the kind of company that just says, “No”.


No one wants to deal with a non-decision maker or a computer who makes the decision. We deal with issues around the world that aren’t beholden to the time of day in London and so we’re proactively available to brokers and clients beyond the working day. We are here to talk to anyone at any time – offering a genuinely personal service.


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